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Welcome To My Playground!

Main Work:

Service Design

Experience Design

Brand Strategy



Redefine Work-From-Home: Encourages companies to recognize the positive impacts of nature on well-being and performance, creating a supportive work culture that prioritises the mental health of WFHers.

Experience & Service Design

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Big Issue Food

Empower business: We want to sell simple and affordable hot food, cooked on campus, and served by people in need.

Business & Service Design

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Brand Optimization for FITURE: We took on the challenge to develop comprehensive brand solutions to enhance FITURE's brand optimization and drive business growth.

Brand Strategy

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Co-design with nature: An interactive game harnessing the power of the wind to connect people together.

Experience & Interaction Design

Luggage protector

Observe the problem: a movable buffer for the luggage compartment.

Industrial Design

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Other Work
Industrial Design
Speculative Design
Visual Design


Speculating the future: A speculative way of processing and eating soil or rock to arouse the audience's thinking on global warming.

Speculative Design | Props Design | Storytelling

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Like Lab

Behaviours Study: An offline Like-personality test experience based on research of people’s Like behaviours on the WeChat Moments social platform. Through the Like-personality test, people get an individualized report to learn more about themselves and have a better understanding of their online behaviours,

Animation | Graphic Design | Game Design

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