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Interaction Design
UI/UX Design
Product Design
Experience Design

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Personal Project (2021)
Exclusive Summary

Cowind is a wearable device which harnesses the power of the wind to connect people together. It invites people to co-create their own wind and turn this into a unique artwork, which can be shared on social platforms or uploaded to the online “Cowind Gallery” to promote people’s communication and creativity.




  • Recording

  • Participatory Design

  • Desktop Research

Study of interaction between people and the wind 



  • Propositioning

  • Journey Mapping

Interaction flow

Validation and Iteration


  • Prototyping

  • Arduino

  • Touchdesigner

  • Figma

  • Usability Test


Through feedback from participants, I decided to create a further design of a Cowind Sensor Device and a Cowind Gallery Platform to make this game a possible new way of socializing.

Final outcome


  • 3D Printing

  • Video

  • Storytelling

  • Role-play


It started from my observation...

Many people spend all day looking at their phones, indifferent to the world around them. People seem to be isolated.

When I used the iPhone’s long exposure, the figures of people were interwoven, and they seemed to be connected.


But what if...

We make the wind become a communication tool?


How to use wind as a communication tool to connect people?

Research Question
Recording & Participatory design

I made a simple device with a brush, drawing board and plastic rope to record the shape of the wind, and asked my friends to record it in the same way with me. I also provided them with different ways to record the wind, such as using a tachometer, chimes, etc.

Co-design with Nature

Inspired by this creative recording process, I come up with the idea of co-design with nature - Using the concept of co-creation based on people's body movement to apply beautiful patterns generated by the wind to make people feel connected

Meteorology research

In order to find the applicable colour for the wind, I searched for the current colour system according to the temperature of the wind

What I learnt:

  • Relative humidity and wind speed will influence people's apparent temperature

I can use people's apparent temperature as a parameter to adjust the mixed mode of humidity colour and temperature colour and then generate a new colour to represent wind temperature.


Cowind is an interactive game using sensors to let people co-create an unique artwork based on their body movement when a wind comes along.

For better experience testing, I quickly designed a demo by using Arduino, Touchdesigner, and Figma and realized some simple switches through different pages.

Experiment and prototype

I used Arduino combined with TouchDesigner to let people join this co-creation process and also provide a prototype for the further design.     

Usability testing

Expectations of participants

“It’d be cool to play this game with my friends anytime, anywhere, as long as the wind blows”

“I want to collect these works of art and see what others have done”

“I wonder what else could be done with this work of art?”

Product App introduction and use-case demonstration video with a situational plot

In order to facilitate the study of the law of patterns, I turned patterns into points, so that the distribution density of the pattern could be seen intuitively.

What I learnt:

  • People will judge the volume of the wind by the density of the points

  • The greater the density, the easier it is for people to perceive as a gale

I can use the distance between people to adjust the density of the pattern, which represents the volume of the new wind.


" The work invites the viewer to join the artist as a fellow traveler, to look with it as it unfolds in the world, rather than behind it to an originating intention of which it is the final product....... Artists - as also artisans - are itinerant wayfarers. They make their way through the taskscape as do walkers through the landscape, bringing forth their work as they press on with their own lives. "


Ingold, 2011




Weather forecast

Art galleries


Tim Ingold's text enhances the significance of my project, I see myself as a bridge between people and nature in this Cowind System, which make me think of what a beautiful artwork wind is and how we can create interesting experiences based on it, instead of just using wind as to generate electricity.

In the future, artists, art galleries, and the weather forecast industry(such as windfinder), can be invited to join this Cowind System, so as to connect more people together to explore more sustainable ways of co-creating the wind artwork.

I believe my work opens up new avenues for co-design with not only people but also nature, which has encouraged me to explore more ways of co-creating in my future design practice.

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