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#Climate Change #Biomineralization#   #Biology#

Personal Project(2020)
Exclusive Summary

When the world becomes extremely hot through climate change, what will it look like, and what will happen to human food? Bagger is a mineral food based on biomineralization technology in the ‘Modoon’ era, which is evolved from geophagy and has a special production process, resource circulation system, and related objects. It provides people with nutrition and a rich taste in an extremely hot environment. This project asks people to pause to reflect about what we should do now with exponential global warming, and how humans could survive if they face extreme heat in a possible future.


  • Signals dictionary
  • STEEP Analysis
  • Future Wheel
  • Storytelling
Species variation
Design Opportunity


  • Brainstorming
  • Prototyping
  • Specification
  • Blueprint

Final Outcome

  • Props design
  • 3D Printing
  • Storytelling
  • Video Editing
  • Exhibition Design
Signals and trends of global warming

I used the signal dictionary to collect phenomena and news related to global warming, then divided them into three aspects: Environment, Technology, and Society, and summarized three trend signals that are significant.

New energy
Poverty Gap

What would the world look like when human beings are forced to migrate, while marine species, social structure, and food sources are changing?

World view - Modoon

To this end, I decided to create a new world view named "Modoon"

The human way of life and production has led to the irreconcilable destruction of the balance of carbon dioxide and oxygen. With the melting of the polar glaciers and the unsealing of carbonized organic matter, the earth has warmed rapidly to extremely hot, the sea level has risen, and land desertification is extremely serious.

Humans were forced to migrate to inhabit the mountains and seas, resulting in two different ways of living in groups. "Mountain resident" is divided into "tribal cities" based on landform, while "Ocean resident" takes a city as the center and expands outwards to form a "satellite city community".

Because of their different geographical environments, their eating habits and main industries are also different.

At the same time, due to the limited resources available, both will implement the distribution systems on demand, with unified management, high centralization of power, and people perform their respective duties and have a clear division of labor.

Design with food

Why food matters?

Food is closely related to the environment and social culture, and can reflect the changes in people's living conditions. In addition, food can record history and culture and brings happiness, sadness, and social status to mankind.


So in this world view, I focus on the changes in food, and raise the two following questions:

In the case of limited resources and limited ingredients, how can people enjoy food with various flavours and maintain their own nutritional balance?

What would happen to food in a society with unified management power?


A new way of processing and eating soil or rock

I hope to use this kind of new food to answer my questions in this world view - what would people's food be like in an extremely hot world? - so as to arouse the audience's thinking on global warming and put forward innovative design schemes for the possibility of eating soil and rock in a possible future

Scoll left to see the ideation process

I used predominantly 3D printing and some existing items to make a group of food props to simulate the production process, shape and eating of Bagger


I made the props look bland and clinical, and lacking variety, colour and texture of the luxury foods we enjoy today. Here I want to show the point to audiences – we need to appreciate what we have today, because tomorrow variety and abundance will be no more.

I also made a video to show Bagger being held and eaten by people in a group, giving a sense of the scale and interaction with the product and how individuals might engage with each other while eating


Feedback from audience

Global warming is an urgent problem. I really wouldn’t want to eat this kind of food in the future.

In an extremely hot environment, maybe we can eat some other things, such as some plants with developed roots...

Could the soil be dissolved into a drink?


Personal Reflection

In this project, I tried to explore the possibility of human survival in the future by constantly asking myself questions. At the same time, it makes me interested in the phenomenon of Geophagy and I will continue learning more about geophagy culture in Africa to explore the possibility of food with soil and rock as raw material.

By reflecting on my work, I was able to gain a greater understanding of the potential of Geophagy and the various ways it can be used to help people survive in the future, as well as arise people's awareness of the urgency of global warming.

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